Welcome and thank you for visiting! We are well into the summer wedding season in the Bay of Islands, Northland. But if you’ve got that twinkle in your eye and a sparkler in your pocket, now is the time to seal the deal.  Elopements are becoming more popular in the Bay of Islands, not just for overseas visitors but for New Zealanders who want to have a sweet little place to return to at their anniversaries, a day that is high romance but low cost and absolutely no stress.
I’m happy to discuss your ideas for a wedding this summer. We are planning a ONE DAY event called “KISS Bay of Islands” in April, all-inclusive wedding packages for a great price. Details will be finalised soon.
Meanwhile, I am back to writing ceremonies, each one unique and special to my couples, the beautiful story leading up to their life changing ‘I do’. It’s the first high point of a day of ongoing celebration, something they’ll look back on through the years, and every word counts.






Wedding Celebrant

From the beginning to the end our life is made up of milestones and memories but of all the special events we celebrate, I love weddings the most. More about your ceremony»

Speech Coaching

One-on-one speech coaching and speech writing tips for memorable speeches! Have them laughing with stories from his past; misty eyed at how she said 'yes' from the moment she met him. Whether it's your toast to the bride or toast to the happy couple, let me help you be the star speaker of the evening. You'll be so glad you did a great job of it! More about speech coaching»

Melanie Vezey MC

What tops off the perfect ceremony, the perfect bridal party and the best ever banquet? Heart-warming and personal stories about the guests of honour by a polished emcee. More about MC services»
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