About Me

I grew up a wild child on a hobby farm. My little sister and I practically lived outside all Spring, Summer and Fall. We had forts, tunnels, tents and a real playhouse where I nearly electrocuted myself plugging in a shoddy lamp. In the kingdom of the farmyard we had pet chipmunks and squirrels, the yearly ration of meat producers to love until they disappeared, and guinea fowl guarding the place.

We ate from the vegetable garden or the bush, hazelnuts comprising the ultimate long, slow lunch. From horseback we would gather saskatoons, gooseberries or wild raspberries. The ‘back forty’ had enough trails in the bush to warrant map making; maps with notations like ‘cranberry place’ and ‘bear claw tree’.

We weren’t afraid to stick our bare feet in fresh cow patties for warmth (apparently only I did this), watched the neighbour boy throw frogs to the chickens (chickens love meat), and learned about life from the natural world, from spring floods to thin ice, from quinzhee sleep outs to roaring Aurora Borealis.

Today, as a writer, speech coach and celebrant, I realise how blessed I am to have had a childhood of organic freedom. Nature was the constant and I was free to explore it. I credit my wonderful childhood with my creativity, sense of humour and ability to appreciate life.

 I promise I’ll write! 

Do it now!

A few years ago I attended a creative writing workshop with New Zealand author Jill Malcolm. During the break, as we wandered through beautiful gardens, I caught up to her, hoping to chat and glean a few tips on starting a blog. When I excitedly told her my topic ideas, she said there was only one question I had to ask myself about doing a blog:


So it took a while longer for me to get the ‘why’ hammered home, but now the answer is loud and clear. I’m doing it for me. For the pure fun of sharing stories. For my children to read one day, if they choose to. Or for friends in Canada to read, sort of a decade-long delay on my promise to write. Back then we used to feel guilty about sending a group email to keep in touch. This blog idea is far worse! But, in a way, far more fun.

 “Perhaps this very instant is your time.” Louise Bogan 


Life is basically fun and funny. I want to share the joy, the ups and downs, the learning, the love – and the real reason the piglets escaped. I hope you enjoy my stories. I sure enjoy writing them.


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