From the beginning to the end our life is made up of milestones and memories.

Of all the special events we celebrate, I love weddings the most. They are what Spring is to the seasons; joyful, promising, new beginnings, a fresh start. No matter how long a couple has been together, their commitment to marriage marks a significant change in status. Our society still honours marriage as the highest partnership!

My background in special events makes me think of how a wedding is a couple’s chance to be the directors of their own one­time show, possibly the biggest party they will ever throw. And the wedding ceremony itself is central to the whole day; the pivotal element around which the entire celebration depends. Undoubtedly, there are as many options for a ceremony as there are lovers in the world, but it is the one time when love and commitment are declared publicly, with reverence and appreciation, gratitude and generosity.

Two hearts that beat as one

I like to get to know a couple as I prepare their wedding ceremony. Capturing the essence of their relationship before marriage helps me craft the most meaningful ceremony to usher them forward with a new identity. Families are joined, resolutions are made, and hearts are connected. Each ceremony is special, unique and memorable.


If you’re planning a wedding, get in touch with me today.

 Love, from happy newlyweds…. 


Dear Melanie, Thank you for being our marriage celebrant. Not only are you our celebrant, you are so much more. Planning our wedding with you has been such a warm, spiritual and smooth process. We feel heartfelt gratitude that the universe provided us with you. You will always be a part of our journey and we deeply thank you. Let’s keep in touch. Bronwyn and Kara Blair-Stuart, December 2017
Melanie you are awesome!! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better….the way you put all your words together for our wedding just made us realise we had the absolute best celebrant out there. We could both tell from the day we met you that you were the one for us! You are so gentle and so expressive with an awesome personality. Well done. Aaron & Sherilee, April 2016
Dan and I fell in love with Melanie when we met her – she was vivacious, sincere, had depth, and was on our page! She made the process very easy for us leading up to the wedding, emailing, giving advice, and leading an easy rehearsal with a large bridal party. Then on the day… She blew everyone away leading the most beautiful ceremony. She captured exactly what we were after in a ceremony- her words were beautifully written and delivered, she had a very present and relaxed way about her, and she helped us create some truly magical moments. Thank you so much Melanie – you are one of those special special people that we are blessed to have in our lives! May we keep in touch and remember the magical day always. Love Mr. and Mrs. O’Connor, February 2016


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